Rules for Discerning Dreams

My whole view of dreams is this: (1) They are not Sigmund Freud psychological subconsciously derived images conjured up by myself. (2) Dreams come from the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:17). (3) Dreams come from the devil (Jude 1:8). In Bible times, nobody viewed dreams as self-derived; they come from either God or the devil–that’s what I believe.

Dreams never stand or fall as divine in their origin by themselves. The same passage that speaks about Holy Spirit-inspired dreams (Acts 2:17), also speaks of signs and wonders for confirmation’s sake (Acts 2:19). You have to have these as well:–if you would be convinced a dream could be from God. No way should anyone just gullibly trust a dream, because its a dream. That would be no spiritual discernment. Plus, you also have to judge people by their fruit (Matt. 7:20; 1 John 4:1; Isa. 8:20). All of these things have to factor together in order to make a reasonable conclusion about the divine or demonic origin of a dream.

Dream Bibliography

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