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Hosanna! Music is a subsidiary of a record label that publishes contemporary Praise and Worship Music, a genre of Christian music. It is part of the Integrity Music Group, which was headquartered in Mobile, Alabama. As of the spring of 2011, The David C. Cook Group bought all of Integrity’s assets and catalog, moving the label’s headquarters to Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, meanwhile leaving a small unit operating in Nashville, TN, USA.

The early start of the Hosanna! Music series came out of a magazine publication by Michael Coleman and Gerrit Gustafson, New Wine Magazine, which simply featured an advertisement for an independent recording of a live worship service, Behold His Majesty recorded in St. Louis, Missouri, featuring Ron Tucker as “Worship Leader” and featuring a few names who would later become synonymous with the new “Praise and Worship movement” like Kent Henry and Leanne Albrecht. From the success of this recording, an idea was birthed, a new “Cassette (referring to magnetic cassette tape recordings) series” of live worship recordings. Individuals were approached with this idea, including long-time Hosanna! Music producer Tom Brooks about the future projects and a series was born. Hosanna! Music would go on to produce over 200 “live” and studio projects over twenty years. Famous artists featured would include names such as Kent Henry, Randy Rothwell, Don Moen, Billy Funk, Ron Kenoly, Darlene Zschech, Martin Nystrom, Paul Wilbur, Lenny LeBlanc and others. Hosanna! Music was known for stellar production with full instrumentation along with award-winning back-up vocals with such talents as Kelly Willard, Guy Penrod, Alicia Williamson, Robbie Shears, LeAnne Albrecht, Lenny LeBlanc, and Matthew Ward (2nd Chapter of Acts). Below is a working list of the first 100 albums in the series.


1969 – Rejoice
1983 – Ron Tucker – Behold His Majesty

1984 – John Sellers – Let Praise Arise
1985 – Kent Henry – All Hail King Jesus
To Him Who Sits On The Throne1986 – Charlie LeBlanc – To Him Who Sits On The Throne
1986 – LaMar Boschman – Glory To The King – Note: I once read a book by Boschman called A Passion for His Presence, where he refers to a story of people in a tribal area. There was a witchdoctor levitating by the power of the devil, trying to show that his religion is more powerful than Christianity. Then the Christians started to do praise and worship; and the witchdoctor fell down from the air! Its a great theology on the presence of God.
1986 – Pete Sanchez, Jr – I Exalt Thee
1986 – Don Moen – Give Thanks
1986 – Kent Henry – Glorify Thy Name
1986 – Jeff Hamlin – You Are My God
1987 – Daniel Gardner – Praise and Honor
1987 – David Butterbaugh – I Will Rejoice
1987 – David Grothe – Arise and Sing
1987 – Randy Rothwell – Mighty Warrior
1987 – Jim Gilbert – Lamb Of God
1987 – Kent Henry – In His Presence
1988 – Don Moen – Stedfast Love
1988 – David Morris – His Word
1988 – Martin Nystrom – Forever Grateful
1988 – Bishop Joseph Garlington – The Solid Rock
1988 – Randy Rothwell – Army of God
1988 – Charlie LeBlanc – Lord of All
1989 – Martin Nystrom – Enter His Gates
1989 – Bob Fitts – The Lord Reigns
1989 – Don Moen – Bless The Lord
1989 – J. Daniel Smith – Mighty God
1989 – Kent Henry – My Refuge
1989 – Virgil Meares – We Have Overcome
1989 – Robert Gay – Victor’s Crown
1990 – LaMar Boschman – Arise, O God
1990 – Graham Kendrick – Amazing Love
1990 – Eugene Greco – Exalt The Lord
1990 – Billy Funk – See His Glory
1990 – Ed Gungor – Shouts of Joy
1990 – Don Moen – Eternal God
1990 – Randy Rothwell – Worship the King
1991 – Ron Kenoly – Jesus Is Alive
1991 – Martin Nystrom – Come To The Table
1991 – Lenny Leblanc – Pure Heart
1991 – Graham Kendrick – Crown Him (Public Praise)
1991 – Bob Fitts – The Highest Place
1991 – Paul Wilbur – Up To Zion
1991 – Bob Kauflin – Chosen Treasure
1991 – Mark Conner – All Nations Worship
1992 – Ron Kenoly – Lift Him Up
1992 – Rusty Nelson – Take The City
1992 – David Ritter – All Hail The Power
1992 – Paul Baloche – He Is Faithful
1992 – Rich Gomez – Almighty
1993 – Kent Henry – The Secret Place
1993 – Lionel Petersen – Rejoice Africa
1993 – Bob Fitts – Proclaim His Power
1993 – Martin Nystrom – In Christ Alone
1993 – Tom Inglis – We Are One
1993 – Randy Rothwell – Be Magnified
1994 – Ron Kenoly – God Is Able
1994 – John Chisum – Firm Foundation
1994 – Gary Sadler – King of the Ages
1994 – Rick and Cathy Riso – As For My House
1994 – Geron Davis – Holy Ground
1994 – Chris Christensen – Shout From The Mountain
1994 – Alvin Slaughter – Revive Us Again
1995 – Jack Hayford – Men In Worship
1995 – Scott Wesley Brown – Mission of Praise
1997 – Lenny Leblanc – Revival at Brownsville
1997 – Assorted – Revival: Songs Of Fire From Above
1998 – Hillsong – Shout To The Lord
1999 – Hillsong – Shout To The Lord 2000
Revival in Belfast1999 – Robin Mark – Revival In Belfast


From what I can tell, Revival In Belfast was one of the last albums in this continuous train of Hosanna! Music Live Praise and Worship series. The following albums appeared on Integrity Music…including a few Hosanna! albums. In 2003, Lakewood Live: Cover the Earth was released; I disagree with this, as this is the praise and worship team of Joel Osteen’s church, led by Israel Houghton. Osteen is a prosperity gospel universalist.

Robin Mark

In my opinion, Robin Mark (b. 1969) is the best praise and worship leader in the world right now. He leads worship for Christian Fellowship Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

2001 (Hosanna!) – Robin Mark – Come Heal This Land
2001 (Hosanna!) – Lindell Cooley – Open Up The Sky
2001 (Hosanna!) – Don Moen – God in Us
2002 (Hosanna!) – Darrell Evans – Let The River Flow
2003 (Hosanna!) – Travis Cottrell – Unashamed Love

2004 – Robin Mark – Revival In Belfast II

2005 (Hosanna!) – Travis Cottrell – Alive Forever
2005 – iWorship: No Boundaries
2006 – Days of Elijah: The Worship Songs of Robin Mark
2007 (Hosanna!) – Lenny Leblanc – Above All
2007 – Celtic Worship: Live from Ireland
2007 – Robin Mark – East of the River
2008 – Songs4Worship: Holy Ground
2008 – iWorship Platinum Special Edition
2009 – Robin Mark – Year of Grace
2009 – iWorship Hymns
2012 – The Best Celtic Worship


About John Boruff

John Boruff is the founder of, a husband, father, and sometimes an open air preacher. He graduated from UNC Pembroke in 2008 with a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion and views himself as a Baptistic Pentecostal. As a Christian, he feels connected with all members of the body of Christ, but can identify the most with churches like the Assemblies of God and the Vineyard. In 2015, he released "The Gospel of Jesus Christ," which is meant to be a Bible study for open air preaching. For his other writings, search articles on this site or see the E-Books section.
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