Former Caedmon’s Call Singer Becomes an Atheist Because of Calvinism – Leighton Flowers

In the above video, I love when Steve Fraley challenges Derek Webb at 1:17:00: “Become an atheist to the god that is false and believe in the God that is real.”

Also see below, my Wesleyan Arminian take on Romans 9:

Taking my lead from John Wesley’s Notes Upon the New Testament, I approach this chapter with an Arminian view of God’s saving grace (synergism). God does not show favoritism in election or judgment. Whether you are a Jew or Gentile, it doesn’t matter:–all people who repent and believe in the Gospel will be elected and saved for Heaven, but all who reject the Gospel will be hardened and damned to Hell.

In the beginning, I say, “You will find similar things being said by many of the early church fathers.” An introduction to this would be found in chs 7-8 of Thomas Oden’s The Transforming Power of Grace.

CORRECTION: At 46:49, I said, “God foresaw that Moses was impenitent and unbelieving.” PRETTY BIG MISTAKE! WOW! No, I meant to say, “God foresaw that Pharaoh was impenitent and unbelieving.”

Who Was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?

Adam Clarke comments on Exodus 2:23: “Amenophis, who was drowned in the Red Sea when pursuing the Israelites, but Abul Farajius says it was Amunfathis, (Amenophis,) he who made the cruel edict against the Hebrew children.”

Modern archaeology identifies Amenophis as Akhenaten, who died around 1336 B.C.

But if we side with the ancient Muslim scholar Abul Farajius, then Amenophis’ descendant, Ramesses II, would be the next likely candidate for who died in the Red Sea. I’m guessing this is due to the amount of years that passed between the massacre of the innocents and the Red Sea incident.

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