Rebukes to the “Orphan Spirit” Teaching

A rebuke to Leif Hetland’s Healing the Orphan Spirit doctrine sweeping through charismatic churches. The idea of it being “okay” for pastors to cuss during sermons seems to have come recently from Mark Driscoll, who was defrocked from Mars Hill Church for abuse in 2014 (see references to “Mark the Cussing Pastor” in Donald Miller’s 2003 book called Blue Like Jazz, pp. 133-134). But its nothing new: in the 1985 Signs and Wonders Conference video, “Personal Pilgrimage,” John Wimber used the phrase, “H-ll, I don’t know” (26:37); on another occasion, non-chalantly relating an occasion where a guy said, “I’m never going behind that d–n curtain again” (1:16:34) causing everyone to laugh. This isn’t to say Wimber’s books on miraculous gifts are without value: Power Healing in particular; but it doesn’t mean he’s on the level of George Fox or John Wesley. It also says a lot when P.O.D., the top Christian rock band, the singer Sonny Sandoval used the f-word in their song “I Am” on the Murdered Love album in 2012. O God, send us an evangelical revival! I need it just as much as anyone else!

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