Ideas for Book Projects – John Boruff

Bold-text ones stick out to Rebekah the most. She also ranked them on a scale from 1-10 interest level.

1. Calvin’s T.U.L.I.P. Plucked Apart: A Display of Biblical Arminianism10 Rebekah wants to work on this with me

2. Biblical Theology: An Arminian Pentecostal View – 9.7Clarke’s Christian Theology (1835), Wesleyana (1840), Charles Finney’s Lectures on Systematic Theology (1851, 2 vols), William G. T. Shedd’s Dogmatic Theology (1894), William Seymour’s Doctrines and Discipline (1915), P. C. Nelson’s Bible Doctrines (1948), Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine (1999, has section on miraculous gifts; Nelson only talks about tongues), Donald Gee’s Concerning Spiritual Gifts, Jack Deere’s Surprised by the Voice of God, John Wimber’s Power Healing

3. The Moral Law of God – 9

4. A History of the Prophetic – 8.5

5. The Desert Fathers: Their Lives and Teachings – 8.4

6. Holiness: Progressive Sanctification in the Christian Life – 8.3

7. Hellfire and Brimstone: The Doctrine of Hell as Preached by the Puritans – 7.5

8. Pornography: The Vice of This Generation – 7.4 – see Neil Gallagher’s The Porno Plague

9. Contemplation: The Way to God – 7.3 –
Scaramelli, Hilton, the Cloud, Devine, Poulain, Teresa, Groeschel, Aumann

11. Miraculous Gifts – sequel to How to Experience God

12. use the Zondervan “Counterpoints Library” as a reference.

13. The Six Day Creation

14. Old School Evangelicalism – see The Spectrum of Evangelicalism; The Old Evangelicalism

15. Charismatic Worship

16. See Amazon Shopping List

17. Charles Finney and Leonard Ravenhill: Their Lives and Teachings – the 2012 DREAM

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