The Schizophrenia Revelation – Frank Hammond

Edit: I disagree with his “fear of judgment” statement starting in Part 1, 32:19. He holds the Southern Baptist “once saved, always saved” view. So he thinks having a fear of losing your salvation (like in Hebrews 6 and 10) is a demon spirit! Jesus says to fear God who can throw us into Hell! (Luke 12:5). I think this was one of Hammond’s blind spots. On the other hand, I do believe there is an unhealthy fear of losing salvation: something Wesley called “the spirit of bondage”; it is a fear that removes you from intimacy with God, and there is no feeling of having God as your loving Father. My view, and that of Wesley’s, is that Christians should only have a healthy fear of God, of Hell, of apostasy, to keep the rebellious heart at bay, but the main theme is that God is your Father and you’re accepted.


About John Boruff

John Boruff is a Philosophy and Religion graduate from UNC Pembroke. In his free time, he blogs about the Christian life; and has special interests in evangelism and spiritual gifts. He identifies himself as a Reformed Arminian Pentecostal. He’s also a husband and dad. John loves street preaching. His influences are Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, John Wesley, Charles Finney, etc. John is always in the process of writing; and is posting free e-books on this site for cultivating a deeper Christian life. Among them are his 'How to Experience God' and 'The Gospel of Jesus Christ.' He is currently working on the lives of great prophets in church history—from Catholic saints to Protestant reformers and revivalists. He is also working on a Biblical theology of poverty alleviation.
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