20 Dos and Don’ts of Pastoral Ministry

In the past 15 years of being a Christian, I have passed through about 12 pastors. In observing their behavior, I have found some errors and overlap among them. One pastor I had in 2006 had pride issues, but I still think he was the purest one of the bunch. He was ex-Assemblies of God and had a non-denominational charismatic church; among his influences were Leonard Ravenhill, Richard J. Foster, E. M. Bounds, and Wayne Grudem. Here are some pastoral pointers…

1. Don’t insult people without apologizing!

2. Preach the third use of the moral law.

3. Preach Hell to warn against sin!

4. Cast out demons!

5. Preach Young Earth Creationism.

6. Preach the Sanctity of Marriage.

7. Don’t “use” people for your own ends.

8. Don’t be a rude, arrogant, prideful jerk!

9. Preach against drunkenness.

10. Preach against entertainment that glorifies sin.

11. Preach against cussing.

12. Be approachable to “Timothys” seeking to be discipled.

13. Preach against “house church onlyism.”

14. Preach against nitpicking / contention.

15. Preach against pornography.

16. Preach against spiritual abuse (unquestioning submission; time control).

17. Preach and strive for koinonia.

18. Avoid showmanship in the pulpit and the stage.

19. Preach about the ex-gays mentioned in 1 Corinthians 6:11.

20. Don’t be a fake hypocrite that doesn’t really care about people.

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