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This Epistle is really the chief part of the New Testament and the very purest Gospel.
                                                                                                                            – Martin Luther

Romans 1: Lordship Salvation and God’s Wrath

Romans 2: Hypocritical Judging and the Judaizers

Romans 3: Initial Justification: By the Cross, Not the Law

Romans 4: Abraham’s Faith and Imputed Righteousness

Romans 5: The Christian’s Faith and Imparted Righteousness

Romans 6: Union with Christ and Slavery to Righteousness

Romans 7: The Struggle Between Flesh and Spirit

Romans 8: Spirit-Empowered Obedience and Predestination

Romans 9: Conditional Election and Reprobation

Romans 10: Unlimited Atonement for All of Mankind

Romans 11: A Remnant of the Jews Will Be Saved

Romans 12: Practical Moral Issues

Romans 13: Respecting the Government and Expressing Biblical Love


James 1: Against Antinomianism

James 2-3: Against Antinomianism

James 4-5: Against Antinomianism


Galatians 1-3: Against Judaizerism

Galatians 4-6: Against Judaizerism


Rebekah Boruff: Modest Clothing on Christian Women

Why I Believe In Arminianism

Against Perfectionism and Nitpicking

Why I Don’t Believe In Evolution

A Defense of Speaking in Tongues

Charles Finney: How to Preach the Gospel – Part 1

Charles Finney: How to Preach the Gospel – Part 2

Charles Spurgeon: Open Air Preaching

Open Air Preaching: Wake County Courthouse – 9/29/11

R. A. Torrey: Open Air Meetings

Catholic Saints, Pentecostals, and Charismatics

Against Universalism

Praying with God’s Help

Open Air Preaching: NC State University – 4/1/12

The Principles of Soteriology – Part 1

The Principles of Soteriology – Part 2

Open Air Preaching: The Homeless in Raleigh, NC – 4/28/12

Open Air Preaching: The Homeless in Raleigh, NC – 9/22/12

Prophetic Dreams of Theology Books!

Death, Judgment, Hell, and Heaven

Christian Mysticism: An Introduction

Holiness: The Only Way to Heaven

Rebekah Boruff & Arthur Wallis: God’s Chosen Fast – Part 1

Rebekah Boruff & Arthur Wallis: God’s Chosen Fast – Part 2

The Sins of Halloween

Assurance: How to Know If You’re Saved

How to Cast Out Demons

James Buchanan: Protestant Views of Justification

The Love of Money

Rebekah Boruff: Blessed Are the Poor In Spirit

Open Air Preaching – Part 1 – UNC Chapel Hill – 5/2/13

Open Air Preaching – Part 2 – UNC Chapel Hill – 5/2/13

E. H. Broadbent: The English Nonconformists

Why I Believe In Evangelical Revivalism

Judging Your TV Watching With Scripture

Thomas Cranmer: The Gifts of the Holy Ghost

The Providence of God

Preaching Against Sin In a Spirit of Loving Concern

Open Air Preaching: NC Museum of History – 11/14/15

A Response to the “Strange Fire” Conference

Concerns About Bill Johnson and Bethel Church


About John Boruff

John Boruff is the founder of, a husband, father, and sometimes an open air preacher. He graduated from UNC Pembroke in 2008 with a B.A. in Philosophy and Religion and views himself as a Baptistic Pentecostal. As a Christian, he feels connected with all members of the body of Christ, but can identify the most with churches like the Assemblies of God and the Vineyard. In 2015, he released "The Gospel of Jesus Christ," which is meant to be a Bible study for open air preaching. For his other writings, search articles on this site or see the E-Books section.
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