Dealing Compassionately with a Love-Centered Antinomian Heckler – Todd Friel

I believe Situationist Antinomianism (love-centered) is the most popular variety.

Dualistic Antinomianism (Gnostic) – This view sees salvation as for the soul only, and bodily behavior as irrelevant both to God’s interest and the soul’s health.

Spirit-Centered Antinomianism puts such trust in the Holy Spirit’s inward prompting as to deny any need to be taught by the Law how to live. Freedom from the Law as a way of salvation is assumed to bring with it freedom from the Law as a guide to conduct.

Christ-Centered Antinomianism argues that God sees no sin in believers, because they are in Christ, who kept the Law for them, and therefore what they actually do makes no difference, provided that they keep believing.

Dispensational Antinomianism denies that Biblical Law is God’s direct command and affirms that the Bible’s imperative statements trigger the Word of the Spirit, which when it comes may or may not correspond exactly to what is written.

Situationist (Love-Centered) Antinomianism says that a motive and intention of love is all that God now requires of Christians, and the commands of the Ten Commandments and other ethical parts of Scripture, for all that they are ascribed to God directly, are mere rules of thumb for loving, rules that love may at times disregard.

J. I. Packer, Concise Theology, p. 178-180.

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