Prophetic Ministry Books Ranking

See also: In Pursuit of Holy Prophets, Prophetic Ministry Books Conscious of John Wesley, Etc.

UPDATE: 8/31/12 – Due to some recent dreams, and signs, I believe God is drawing me into the Reformed Charismatic movement, led by John Piper, etc. Yet, I remain an Arminian! Figure that out. Anyhow, this has guided me to further “shake the dust off my feet” with regard to “dirty” prophetic ministry books. And to clarify even further, the finest of the wheat, and the cream of the crop, on teaching regarding miraculous gifts and prophecy:

1. Wayne Grudem’s The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today (2000)
2. Sam Storms’ The Beginner’s Guide to Spiritual Gifts (2002)
3. Greg Haslam’s Moving in the Prophetic (2009)


My current ranking of books on dreams, visions, and prophetic ministry are the following. After a while of meditating, and sifting through the “dust” of paganized and undiscerning prophetic stuff, I’ve come to use the Wesleyan standard of Scripture, Reason, Tradition, and Experience to judge who is worth listening to in this sensitive area of spiritual gifts, prophetic accuracy, and spiritual discernment. Whether or not there is a senstivity to such revival figures as John Wesley, Charles Finney, George Whitefield, Jonathan Edwards, or other Pentecostal greats–I’ve also noticed the following books (although obviously emphasizing prophetic ministry) have a senstivity to the doctrines of justification and sanctification (which are essential to GOSPEL DISCERNMENT which any GOSPEL SEER would have any liking to):

1. Ira Milligan’s Understanding the Dreams You Dream (1993)
2. Greg Haslam’s Moving in the Prophetic (2009)
3. Paula Price’s The Prophet’s Handbook (2008)
4. Wayne Grudem’s The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today (2000)
5. Jim Goll’s The Seer (2005)
6. Jack Deere’s Surprised by the Voice of God (1996)
7. Mike Bickle’s Growing in the Prophetic (1996)

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